The 3-Step Soft Skills Framework I Used To Skyrocket My Software Career

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The 3-Step Soft Skills Framework I Used To Skyrocket My Software Career

(while making more friends and more money)

No intro - we're cutting straight to the point.

1. Consume TONS of content with purpose.

People say you have to quit consuming to get ahead.

This is true... unless you do it intentionally.

Seek out soft skills content that helps you grow.

Then, when reading, watching, or listening:

  • Learn the "language" (i.e. conversational threading)

  • Write down recommended resources

  • Keep a running list of things to try

  • Gather information

Some recommendations for you:

2. Practice this content in a low-stakes environment.

Now you have a list of things to try and skills to grow.

Find a low-stakes environment to practice in:

  • Find another friend and run soft skills drills

  • Go to tons of friendly networking events

  • Take an improv course (my favorite)

Improv is my favorite because it's a playground for your soft skills.

Good improvisers are good communicators. When it's all made up, the only thing that matters is the words you are saying. And if you fail at improv, it doesn't matter - it was all made up anyway.

Now, once you've gotten practice, it's time to:

3. Apply these skills in the workplace.

It's time to reap your rewards.

  • Cater your messaging to stakeholders' interests

  • Communicate your value early and often

  • Operate from empathy, not arrogance

  • Highlight your potential to grow

  • State outcomes, not process

  • Ask for something specific

Good communicators attract wealth, status, and friends.

Why not start now?